A revolutionary cleaning, stripping and environmentally friendly technology.


    Media Blasting is used for priming items and materials before the coating process begins. This service sometimes referred to as “sand blasting,” is the traditional blasting process for heavily rusted or corroded materials. It is a fast, affordable and safe way to completely strip the paint and residue. This gives the surface a fine texture allowing the powder to adhere efficiently to the metal. As a result, a durable and long lasting coating is produced.


    Soda blasting is used for more delicate or soft materials. It is an environmentally-friendly process that has many benefits. Soda blasting medium is sodium bicarbonate, which does not harm the item in any form. This non-toxic and non-hazardous process will not warp thin sheet materials. Soda blasting can be used for more delicate based materials such as fiberglass, aluminum, wood, and sheet metals.

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